Thursday, November 10, 2011

Patience... ... ...

Our NaPro Doc's office called today with some results from a test we did a few weeks ago.  Technically, they are G-man's results but last time I checked he can't get pregnant but they insisted that they have to talk to Grant... I thought we had already cleared that up. Anyways, Doc wants to meet with us to discuss but it is a 2 hours drive so we just wanted to hear the results over the phone. The lady on the phone said that she will try and get Doc to call. Well, he didn't and now I am going a bit stir crazy!

This could be the result that tells us to either stop trying or keep it up.... I mean, it probably won't be so cut and dry but it is hard to not think in terms of black and white.

On another note, I started working on my presentation for Catholic Christian Outreach's Women's Night this month! I think it is going to be pretty good! I am actually really excited! This will be my first presentation on Theology of the Body.  I think of it as part of the discernment process too because if I don't enjoy this, why I am investing so much time and money into it!

OH, another exciting thing! I have had my point of change! I am so happy about that because I didn't ovulate last cycle and it is day 18 in this cycle. I was worried I was going to have another weird one! But nope! I really get peace out of charting! It is so empowering to know what is happening in my body. And on a Theology of the Body level, knowing my body helps me see how God is using my body to bring me closer to Him!

My knee is almost healed! Only two more physio app. to go. I am walking almost normally now! Thank the Lord.

Now, if only I could stop thinking about those test results... ... patience...


  1. I hate it when doctors do that!!!!

    I hope that you get to the bottom of it all soon!

  2. Oh yes, patience. Such a hard thing to put into practice. Waiting for test results are the worst. I hope you hearing something soon!