Saturday, April 26, 2014

At the Close of Infertility Awareness Week, 2014

* At the close of Infertility Awareness week, I would like to reflect on the daily-ness of infertility for those who live with it. Though we, as a group, may speak out more during this week to raise awareness and try to break the shaming silence, we experience the sorrows of infertility every day, every hour, every minute. *
This is not meant to be a downer or to accuse any one of "rubbing our noses" in it, simply to give a little taste of how infertility changes how you see the world and everyone in it!

The Daily-Ness of Infertility

The painful reminders:
Mother's Day Sales
Kid's Day in the Mall
A&W's Mama Burger (which is my favourite burger) and Baby Burgers
Pregnant woman parking spaces
Ad's on Facebook and other websites
(They seem to think that because I looked up sperm count and ovulation once or twice I need to see every ad that has anything to do with children)
Whenever I see anything pale pink
A School
A swing set
Baptism's and Confirmations
Alter Servers

The Good and Uplifting Reminders:
(Most Days) Bible Mentions of Infertility and/or Suffering
The Facebook group- Catholic IF-St. Gerard, Pray for us!
The daily CHOICE to follow Christ and His Church
(Realizing that if my faith was dependent on my feelings, I would worship drugs or chocolate. Infertility reminders me that my Faith is a gift primarily and is an act of the WILL)
A Cross
A Rosary
Pictures of Saints who have Suffered (which is most of them... or maybe all of them!)

Most days the Painful Reminders out number the Good and Uplifting Reminders. I should remember though that is the not the quantity but the QUALITY that matters most!


  1. I definitely agree that infertility is a daily struggle! I get the annoying ads too - not to mention all the ones for our local IVF clinic - ugh.

  2. Oh the daily reminders! They can be so difficult. Pregnant women parking spaces? Canada is so cutting edge! We don't have those. <3

  3. huh... ok, I thought that I saved this as a draft. This was no suppose to be posted yet... Interesting. I guess God wanted this posted!

  4. ((( hugs ))) Those reminders are so very painful - when you don't want to see them, they are absolutely everywhere!!

  5. At least you are getting baby/motherhood/pregnancy related ads...I am getting ads for "all natural stress relief" products and the like, ha! If only the internet could say out of our bizness. Prayers for you today.

  6. When I read through your list of daily reminders I thought two things: 1.) YES! These reminders are so painful! 2.) I wasn't even fully aware of how much pain all these things are causing me.

    It's important to be able to point out what is causing our pain, so thank you for this list. I also really love your list of good and uplifting reminders. I needed to hear those too!!