Monday, April 21, 2014

Infertility Awareness Week

Infertility Awareness Week, 2014: A Catholic Perspective Document

I was never one to hide our infertility. My family is one that shares information and I have the gift of gab so if the situation presented itself, I shared about our struggle. My hubby is more sensitive about maintaining privacy. We noticed this difference in ourselves very quickly after marriage. Just another way that we are polar opposites. I have had to scale back my sharing sometimes because of his prudent judgement. But this is not one of those times...

I am sharing a wonderful document that was prepared by a wonderful lady, Rebecca, in honour of Infertility Awareness Week, which is this week, during the Octave of Easter! I am doing this because I think that there is too much silence and assumption (and not the Marian kind) that surrounds infertility and fertility health-issues. In a culture of death and a Church of Life, a couple struggling to conceive can feel misplaced, to say the least.

The document, I think, gives a hopeful opening into the many emotional and situational issues that the couple facing infertility is living with and how their friends and family can be supportive and compassionate.

I encourage all to read this document and pass it around!
We are a Church of COMMUNION, let us not let anyone suffer alone!


  1. "We are a Church of COMMUNION, let us not let anyone suffer alone!"
    Thank-you for sharing this suffering with me. I love you and miss you!

    1. I miss you too! We should plan a Skype date soon!