Saturday, February 28, 2015

Foster Care/Adoption Journey Part 5. Approval and Waiting

Our Foster Care and Adoption Approval Journey
5. Approval and Waiting
6. Getting Ready for Placement
7. First Placement (This has NOT happened yet!)

5. Approval and Waiting

By the end of November we were finished both our training and our home study. Entering this process, I had always thought, 'Hopefully, we'll be approved by Christmas." Our wonderful home study worker told us we would be approved possibly as early as end of November. She thought for sure by Christmas. I was so excited. Things were moving faster then I thought they would for once.

Oh, how naive I was.

Our advent was spent waiting to be approved. It was actually the most peaceful advent I think I've experienced since getting married.

Just before Christmas, our home study worker called us and told us that our file was done and ready for us to read. We scheduled our approval meeting for Jan 8th at 3pm. I was very pleased to have the date set and the file to review over Christmas break.

January 8th came. We had spent the days previous cleaning up our apartment. This would be the meeting where we met the Matching Worker. This lady (M) is the person who will match us with children. This is a very important meeting. Leading up to the meeting we prayed a novena that M would get a good and true sense of us in the short time we had.

At 2:45pm, we were ready. Tea was on. Everything was set. And it was snowing like crazy!!

At 3:05pm, I thought, "Well, maybe the snow is delaying them."

At 3:10pm, I checked twitter and saw that there was a bomb threat at Canadian Tire on the other end of town (for my American readers, Canadian Tire is a hardware store of sorts). Yes, a bomb threat. Almost comical, except I was convinced that they were driving from that end of town and this is why they were late. (Sidenote: There was no bomb.)

By 3:20pm, I was concerned, so I called my home study worker.

When I asked where she was she said, "At my desk, waiting for you."

... ...

My heart stopped. I said,"What?! I thought the meeting was here?" (All of our previous meetings were at our home.)

I told her that we would leave right now and get there as soon as we could. She said that she hoped so because they both had other meetings at 4:15pm. AHH!

Luckily, we are only 5 minutes away from the agency's building. Of course, we had to find our car under the snow and try to drive safely through the snow covered streets. But we did and it only took us 10mins to get there. By 3:35pm, we were sitting down together.

Grant was such a rock for those 15 minutes. I was freaking out... just a little bit. This is not how I wanted this to go! I was worried that there wouldn't be enough time with the matching worker when we had an hour. Now what!? Grant, though, reminded me, that we had been praying for this meeting and God was giving us exactly how much time we needed. He was right (as usual).

Our meeting went so well. I was a bit nervous so I was talking a mile a minute, which Grant told me after. But we felt like M completely 'got' us! AND she told us that we may not be waiting very long for our first placement! The meeting was a success!

For the next few days I was in an excited haze. A couple days later a lady from Family and Children's Services called Grant at work because she couldn't get a hold of me at home. For a moment, Grant was sure that this was THE call and he though to himself, "Boy, that WAS fast." Alas, she was just entering our information into the system and she wanted to confirm our phone number. But this phone call set the stage for how we approach phone calls now. 

The excited butterflies have quieted down a bit now as we settle into the waiting. "Luckily" infertility and my slow-moving husband have increased my patience 10 fold over the last 5 years. Now I'm not sure that folding very little patience over 10 times amounts to a lot of patience, but it is more than I had 5 years ago. So we wait...


  1. Oh my goodness! I would have been right there with you stressing about that meeting. Sounds like it worked out perfectly though. Praying that you won't have to put that patience to use much longer. :)

  2. They really do make you jump through hoops. You are very good to be so patient. When my parents fostered once they were without a child for 6+ months and then one night, around 8pm, they got a call asking to bring two kids over in half an hour. It can be really sudden, keeps you on your toes.