Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fast for Trudeau, Fast for Canada

Yesterday evening I was starring at my computer screen praying for the results to STOP! Everyone could see where they were heading and I was scared. I still am.

As a pro-life Christian, I am scared for my country, for my family, for my friends, for the children and their families I connect with through foster care. As a pro-life Christian, my priority is the most vulnerable in our world. How can I trust that this is the governments priority when pro-lifer can't be involved with this government?

I feel helpless. I work in pro-life work. As a FertilityCare Practitioner I like to think of myself working with pre-crisis pregnancies. With the Theology of the Body ministry I am involved in, I try to help others see their dignity, their beauty and the BEAUTY of the TRUTH. But I feel helpless.

So, I've decided to start fasting on Wednesdays for Trudeau and for Canada. I will be giving up food delights for the sake of Canada and for Trudeau's conversion every Wednesday.

Will you join me?