Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fast for Trudeau, Fast for Canada

Yesterday evening I was starring at my computer screen praying for the results to STOP! Everyone could see where they were heading and I was scared. I still am.

As a pro-life Christian, I am scared for my country, for my family, for my friends, for the children and their families I connect with through foster care. As a pro-life Christian, my priority is the most vulnerable in our world. How can I trust that this is the governments priority when pro-lifer can't be involved with this government?

I feel helpless. I work in pro-life work. As a FertilityCare Practitioner I like to think of myself working with pre-crisis pregnancies. With the Theology of the Body ministry I am involved in, I try to help others see their dignity, their beauty and the BEAUTY of the TRUTH. But I feel helpless.

So, I've decided to start fasting on Wednesdays for Trudeau and for Canada. I will be giving up food delights for the sake of Canada and for Trudeau's conversion every Wednesday.

Will you join me?


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  2. But Harper legalized the Morning After Pill and Euthanasia. Plus he cut all the jobs which is why the birth rate is so low.
    Trudeau was the better choice.

  3. Dear Mrs. Fitz.
    I want you to know I applaud your determinism for a cause.
    For this reason, I was hoping you and fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ could help with getting rid of Kathleen Wynne. As a pro-life Roman Catholic, I will abstaining from alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana until this sad excuse for a premier is out of office

  4. wow you are a delusional nut.

    has your mythical sky fairy ever done a single tangible thing for your life?

    please get medical help for your delusions