Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 in Review: The Year without Shampoo

2016 was a year of grief and confusion. 2017 was a year of searching and contentment.

I have tried to write "Year Reviews" in the past but they never really get finished. I think this is for two reasons. 1) The timeline for writing it and posting it is so narrow. If I write it before Christmas, it seems too early but if I want until I have recovered from Christmas, it is almost too late.  And the second reason is that I don't think I am good at looking backwards. My memory is horrible and I tend to focus forward. So, here is a simple summary of the year.

What happened this year:
I attended the Pathways to Permanence Program through the Adoption Council of Ontario
Dare Bear went on adoption probation (the time between bioparental rights being terminated and the adoption being finalized)
Dare Bear was BAPTIZED!
G-Man went on parental leave for 5 months.
Our total appointments for the month surpassed 30 and stayed this high for the next 3 months.
The Day of Emergency: Dare Bear injured his front teeth and gums. We went to urgent care, then children's outpatients then the dentist. We arrive home to an ambulance in our driveway. Skywalker had a seizure. We head to the hospital. This was my and Skywalker's first ambulance ride. I will never forget the craziness that was this day or the relief at the end of it when everyone was home, asleep and OK!
Grant changed jobs just to find out he will lose his new job in January, 2018.
Skywalker transitioned to his adoptive home after being with us for 18 months.
We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.
Dare Bear turned 3.
I closed Spes FertilityCare Services.
Our foster home closed for the next year.
Dare bear started attending occupational therapy.
Dare Bear's adoption finalized!
My anniversary of starting the Curly Girl Method. I have not used shampoo since Dec 4th, 2016.

I have always struggled with my curly hair. But last year I discovered the curly girl method and my hair has never been healthier or curlier! Essentially, the curly girl method is avoiding drying products (shampoo) and products that build up in your hair (that you need shampoo to clean out). I strongly recommend the curly girl method if you have wavy or curly hair! Curly hair really is an entirely different beast then straight hair. This year I have learned how to love the beast!

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  1. As a poker-straight hair-that-won't-hold-curl-even-with-a-thousand-products I physically cringed at your title and your December update - hehe.

    That said - I'm SO glad you've found something that works. I finally accepted the fact that the expensive shampoo that doesn't leave residue is my only hope. My wallet is unhappy, but my hair is great! *sigh*

    On the more serious note - such a big year for your family. We understand unemployment struggles so much and have been and will keep praying for you and Grant as you work towards a new job.