Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Favourite 50 Books I Read This Year

Dare Bear and I love books! I, personally, LOVE children's literature. I can't stand most fiction but children's literature is the exception. Most of my "grown-up" reading is non-fiction so you will see this reflected on my list. Yes, I did read some fiction this year. I actually really got into Nero Wolfe by Rex Stout. BUT, only one fiction book made my top 50.

As I was looking over my library history for the year, in preparation for this list, I realized that we read over 500 books this year. That number certainly made me feel better about the amount of Curious George and Paw Patrol we watch! 90% of what we read comes from the library and we are very blessed to have a well-stocked and easy-to-use library down the street from us. I actually have had to face my library reservation addiction head on this year . My library makes it so easy to reserve books online and pick them up at your local branch! The whole process, between finding the books in their online catalogue to reading descriptions and reviews to hitting that reserve button, is so enjoyable that there were many times this year where my total number of reserved items were in the double digits and it is rare for me to have less then 20 books out on loan. It's like online shopping but without the price tag! Online reservations are the primary reason our total number of read books this year is so high. And it is certainly faster to read children's books then novels.

This list is in no particular order. 
I have linked each book to its amazon listing so you can get more information on the book if you would like. I do not get anything from you following these links.

Those marked with an * are not children's books. 
My top favourites are marked with a #.
Dare Bear's favourites are marked with a +. 
(For reference he just turned 3 years old)

So, without further ado, here is the list of our top 50 books we read this year.

1.       Loud Emily
2.       The Christmas Fox #
3.       Father and Son #
6.       Little Blue Trucks Halloween +
7.       Robinson
8.       Mouse Paint
9.       Love Your Life Not Theirs*
10.   Safe in a Storm #
19.   Swap! +
22.   Jabari Jumps
23.   Fortunately #+
32.   Duck in a Truck#
33.   Hooray for Bread +
35.   Hogwash #
36.   Caps for Sale #+
37.   Rhymoceros

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