Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Reading Plan 2018

Recently, Dare Bear has joined my husband and I in our bed at night. This has made bedtime a stress free event BUT has seriously affected how much reading I do in a day. It would NOT be overdramatic to say that my personal reading time has dropped 80% since we started bed sharing. The one and (almost) only place I would read would be in bed. I LOVE reading in bed. But now that my 'light sleeper' has taken over my reading 'nook' I haven't been reading as much. I need to remedy this. Quickly. So I have come up with a two part plan.

PART ONE: Create a New Reading Nook. I have the room...somewhere. I just either need to start reading sitting up (blah!) or create a comfy spot I can curl up. We don't have a couch or another bed currently. I will have to think on this. Stay tuned.

PART TWO: Create a Reading Wishlist. What I mean by this is get excited about the books I will be reading. Find great books that I can't wait to read, even IF I have to be sitting up. (Honestly, I can not overstate how much I dislike reading sitting up. I just have never really done it.)

SO, here is a taste of what is on my 2018 reading wishlist:
1. The Yes Brain Daniel J. Seigel's newest book, being released on January 8th 2018
2. Love is Patient but I'm Not Christopher West's newest book, released early December 2017*
3. The Read-Aloud Family Sarah Mackenzie's newest book, being released on March 27th 2018

I have also started a "To-Read in 2018" list on my library's website and as I read other people's 2017 favourite book lists I am adding to this list. Currently on my list is the Little House series, To Kill a Mockingbird, My Side of the Mountain and Moon over Manifest.

What is on your Reading Wishlist for the new year? Any suggestions for me?

*This is a very 'easy' read and would make a great in depth examination of conscience. I read all but 10 pages in one night. (I was at my in-laws and was able to read in bed!)

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