Fertility/Marriage Timeline

Sept. 2009: G-Man and I got married. We were expecting problems because of his past history of cancer. However, we naively thought that God would just work a miracle for us.

Sept 2010:  It is one year of "unprotected" intercourse and I know how fertility problems are defined! I start feeling weird and really believe that this is the month! AF comes exactly on CD 28 for the 1st time. I'm crushed.

Nov. 2010: Cycle lasts 59 days:  Sept 18th- Nov. 16th. We hold off more tests.

Jan. 2011: AF arrives, CD 56. Test results back, no visible problems. Normal cycles return. I start charting temperature. Sk pregnant again. I am authentically happy for her!

Feb. 2011:  CrMS presentation at my house. Meet the FC Practioner. Go to Theology of the Body Course in PA.

Mar. 2011: G-Man diagnosed with skin cancer. This is his third cancer. We put off starting CrMS.

May 2011: We start CrMS. I have another long cycle, 54 days, but because of charting I know I am not pregnant.

Summer 2011: We start tests slowly. We discover there are going to be problems with me as well as G-Man

Sept- Nov 2011: looks like PMS, throid problems and low progesterone may be involved. We confirm that I am ovulating. G-Man's final surgery. Another long cycle. Badly sprained inside ligament of left knee.

Nov 2011: Find out G-Man has no sperm. Deep mourning and soul seaching.

June 2014: Decide to start discerning Adoption and Foster Care

September 2014: Start PRIDE training for fostering through Family and Children Services

October 2014: Homestudy starts

January 2015: Approved to foster and adoption through the public system, Family and Children Services.

June 2015: Dare Bear joins our family at 7 months old.

March 2016: Dare Bear returns to BioMom. Skywalker joins our family as a newborn.

May 2016: Dare Bear returns to our family! We start parenting two under two!

March 2017: Dare Bear's is officially 'placed' with us for adoption.

September 2017: Skywalker leaves our home for his Kin adoptive home.

October 2017: Our foster home is closed for a year.

November 2017: Dare Bear's adoption is finalized!!